GOLD COAST—After recently discovering the ease at which Wikipedia entries can be edited, Boomers assistant coach Shane Heal has updated his own Wikipedia entry to make mention of his childhood hero, himself. 

A witness claims Heal sneaked into the Blaze office at lunchtime today to access the internet.

"Shane Heal spent countless hours practicing against his best known opponent: himself," the entry states. "During these formative years practicing in the backyard, Heal learned off himself to develop the deadly mental attitude that created a champion. As so many others have gone on to view him, Heal was a hero; in this particular case, to himself."

Heal then proceeded to edit Nathan Jawai’s Wikipedia page, according to the witness.  According to the updated Wikipedia entry, Nathan Jawai's relatively dominant form during the recent Boomers tour was largely due to the "inspiration provided by having his childhood idol act as an assistant coach".

According to the entry -- and contrary to numerous media reports -- Jawai started playing basketball at age 5 in the "outer Brisbane suburb of Bamaga" looking up to his favourite Bullets player, Shane Heal. 

The entry also suggests that Jawai was allured to the power of Andre Moore's game, but ultimately decided to idolise Shane Heal "surely due to his stylish platinum blonde hair, never-say-die attitude, unstoppable baseline fade-away, and less Asian-like skin tone."

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