About The Hoops Cooperative

Dissatisfied with the limited and error-ridden coverage of Australian basketball in the mainstream media, a group of passionate Australian basketball aficionados, along with renegade journalists dissatisfied with constraints imposed by the corporate world, decided to form an alternative media avenue operating under the name The Hoops Cooperative.

Having assembled an experienced team of crack experts, we realised that drugs are bad.  So The Hoops Cooperative worked for years to deeply infiltrate the Australian basketball scene ourselves.  For years this "sleeper cell" has been in a dormant state, pretty much sleeping in all day, but nonetheless waiting patiently for the best time to unleash itself with shock and awe.  With all our agents in position and having established strong contacts within the Australian basketball scene, we feel that now is the time to reveal to you, the basketball-loving public, the real news raw and uncensored.  Whereas the mainstream media relies on biased press releases written by Basketball Australia or hack generic sports journalists who know little about the true state of Australian basketball, The 'Scoop uses its own highly reliable sources to give you the inside scoop, without frivolity or painful puns. 

Named after the most underrated shot in basketball, The 'Scoop delivers the stories that the mainstream media airballs. 

So who are we really? To maintain the unparalleled insight and integrity of The 'Scoop, and for legal reasons, we are afraid that we cannot reveal the names of those who comprise The Hoops Cooperative.  Needless to say, we are brooding and mysterious, ladies.

The Bball Scoop may not be reprinted or retransmitted in whole or in part without the expressed written consent of the publisher, unless you are fully rebellious.