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Anonymous: "your website is full off shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The Bball Scoop: How dare you insult us, the authors of The B.S., like that.

Thomas: "Can Ben Melmeth make the NBA?"
The Bball Scoop: The 1998 All-NBL first team player is set for a mammoth season watching the action from his living room after retiring from the game. For more information, please see the thread that you undoubtedly started on the forum.

Forum comment: "It is absolutely superb. Irreverant, achingly clever and just plain, roar-out-loud funny."
The Bball Scoop: I don't recall writing that. Very odd.

Forum Comment: "Brilliant stuff. I've bookmarked the site & look forward to coming entries."
The Bball Scoop: Someone has bookmarked a non-porn site. That is high praise, indeed.

Anonymous: "you want a fight? ill meet you in the parking lot."
The Bball Scoop: Dillon, is that you?  Rashad says hi.

Clint Dogg: "Who goes 2 this much effort to write this type of bullshit?."
The Bball Scoop:  Who goes 2 that much effort to live a life of bullshit?. **

Mista Jambista: Absolute gold! Keep up the good work!
The Bball Scoop: The positive feedback is appreciated.

annoymous: do you think people who say your website is bullshit are the nbl players, coaches and the losers who write the website - or is it just you guys trying to make the numbers on your comments section?  either way, it's delirious.  i don't think it's shit, i esp love what harry connick jnr had to report.  tell harry i think cj's last name is goldberg or bob (calling him sideshow would be an insult to the simpsons).  keep it all coming, i was bored before someone sent this to me via facebook link!
The Bball Scoop: We want to make it clear that we don't fabricate anything on this site, apart from everything except the comments. We don't fabricate any comments, nor do we censor them (with one exception). Comments are reviewed before publishing because we don't want 1000 inane comments left by the one person (I think we all know who that might be). 

john wright: No complaint. I love your work...especially taking on anything that is considered "sacred". KEEP IT UP!

Kelvin: Now dat sum funnee shit!!

Simon: No complaints, just a hello and cool website. Funny to hear Clint Dog mentioned, he has caused a few issue back at Aussiebball.

The Jackal: Clinton Gardiner is a stain on the underpants of society...

Den: Has this died in the arse now?
The Bball Scoop: We've had an off-season break. We're also planning some changes for next season.

** Note: For those fortunate enough to have never been exposed
             to serial pest Clinton Gardiner aka "Clint Dogg", this man has
             been described as the Peter Hore of the online Australian
             basketball community. Please resume your life uncontaminated
             by his pollution and ignore this response.