Zac Delaney nearly touches net
WOLLONGONG—Lured by the misinterpreted offer of a "training session open to the public" as reported on the Wollongong Hawks website, local kid Zac Delany yesterday slipped unnoticed into a Wollongong Hawks training session, joining the black team.  By the end of the session, Hawks head coach Geordie McLeod had announced that Delany was their new development player.

Despite his small stature, Delany proved to be a formidable player, making two successful passes and connecting on twelve high-fives during the scrimmage. 

Since the announcement of the survival of the Wollongong Hawks team for the 2009/10 season, the Hawks have been under severe budget restrictions. "We are a bit short on cash and we do need another development player," Wollongong coach Gordie McLeod told our source. "It makes sense to recruit him, doesn’t it?"

"What do we call an obvious decision, Zaccy?" McLeod said slowly and deliberately, motioning Delany to provide the answer.  "A no-brainer!" exclaimed an excited Delany, immediately raising his hand for yet another masterful high-five.

"We didn’t want to fork out the cash to advertise the development player position, so why not [give the development position to Delany]?" McLeod continued.  "Give it to little Zaccy here," he said patting a proud Delany on the head.

As a development player, Delany may not see any court time, but his impact on the fan base is expected to be positive. "He’s an instant crowd favourite: a marketing bonanza," club CEO Wayne Morris told our source. "The crowd will surely support him like they do when a kid is shooting for a $50 Dimmocks voucher at half-time. Except little Zaccy will be around all the time. They'll be cheering him on to get a basket in the warm-ups, I'm sure."

"Zaccy tells us he’s a "wicked towel waver" and he is "a quickdraw" at getting the drink bottles out," McLeod said.  "He will also give the blokes in the box behind our bench a better view of the action. What more can you ask for in a development player?"

Morris interjected, "Shouldn’t it be developmental player?"

"Yeah, we put the ‘mental’ in ‘developmental player’," McLeod joked. Delany momentarily looked confused before furiously waving his towel in an obvious attempt to impress the coach.

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